2019 : Is it that year?

With lots of memories, cherished relationships, perceived knowledge, heart full of love, moments of happiness and sadness, experienced realities and wisdom, good and bad decisions, all kinds of habits, some new friends and the life full of freshness, we all are taking step towards an year bringing with it new experiences and immense possibilities.

Everyone is striving to achieve something of value as a ultimate goal in their lives, it may be just survival for some people or bigger dreams than survival for others. Some people achieves their goals but some may not be able to achieve theirs. Even with proper dedication and consistent hard work towards a goal, sometime it becomes difficult to get what we want.

Reason for this is the avoidance of other aspect of life that not only restrict people in achieving their goals but also restrict to fully live and perceive the life that they are. Those aspects may be healthy relationships, good health, balanced mind, stillness in action, smartness in the approach, aspects of love and happiness etc..

New year will test your ability to make difficult choices and good decisions. How will you pursue life will depend on your aspirations and actions towards it. For 2019 you have to decide,

Is it that year

When you spread unconditional love in the world;

When you decide not to repeat your mistakes;

When you overcome your weaknesses;

When you lend helping hand to people;

When you become source of happiness for others;

Is it that year

When you achieve great heights;

When you inspire others by your work;

When you throw away all bad habits;

When you bring light in millions of hearts;

When you bring people out of their miseries;

Is it that year

When you are part of the solution not part of the problem;

When you respect and appreciate your relationships with great affection and love;

When you value and cheer your friendship;

When you put love and faith in your friendship;

When you find yourself surrounded by good people;

Is it that year

When there is peace and harmony in the world;

When people respect the nature and connect with it;

When you achieve righteousness in your heart;

When your very presence will bring immense energy and joy in the hearts of the people around you;

Is it that year,

If it is, then prepare yourself with the tools in the form of principles and values that have the potential to make you able to experience life at its fullest. Because in the end there is nothing we can take away with us except the profound experience of this life that the Mother Earth gifted us with.

With the hope that the coming year will be better for all those people who are the unfortunate sufferers of the injustice in the world and the hope that world of 2019 will be a better place to live,

I wish you all “Happy New Year”.


The Second Gender

What was her mistake?

To take birth first of!
To take birth in the wrong family!
To take birth in a wrong class!
To take birth in the wrong country!
To take birth in the wrong planet!!!
What was her mistake?
When she was raped at a tender age!When she wanted to study and not get married!
When she wanted to marry the man of her choice!
When she resisted marital rape!
When she was forced to live a pityful life of a widow!!!
What was her mistake?
When she was denied the right to follow her passion!
When she was denied work opportunity because of her gender!
When she resisted sexual harassment at workplace!
When she demanded equal wages!
When she was thrown off first during retrenchment!
When she was left to die without any help!!!
Why do the “protectors of women” – family, society, government laws – who claim to do everything for a woman, prevent her empowerment?
Why do they deny the basic rights to a woman and brand her as a minority when the woman force constitute an entire half of the mankind?
Why are the women treated as weak and imbecile when they have the ability and strength to give birth to the humankind?
Why do they chop off the wings of an eagle, much before it has taken its first flight, and turn it into an ostrich?
To all the men in the world- try to be a human to your significant half! She constitutes the world “with you” and is not born “for you”. She turns “me” into “we” by giving birth to your child! To the society which denies her freedom- give her wings to fly; she has really big dreams which could change the world for the better! She isn’t imbecile, she is a genius who can transform the world into a better place to live! Just give her a chance!

Just observe the reality

When it seems life is giving us hard time,

When our surrounding becomes unpleasant,

When the solution of our problem starts losing its value,

When our motivation becomes ineffective,

When there appears trap in every decision we make,

When darkness appears more familiar than light,

When our mind start finding happiness in strange things,

When we cannot explain our own situation,

When our old principles turn out to be nonproductive,

When things do not go our way,

When everyone who want to help us appears enemy,

And when life lost its value in our perspective then,

Just observe the reality of life

Observe it like never before,

Observe it from some distance,

Observe every bit of it,

From birth to death

From past to future

From dreams to reality

From failure to success

Observe it

Observe it like we were not aware,

Observe to take a decision,

To make a way,

To make our life worth living,

Then we will know our position,

Our worth , our capacity

We will know that hidden life within us,

We will know the stability that we can achieve,

We will get the answers of our questions,

Now we see light like it was already there,

Now we love everyone around us,

We hope for more than what world thought for us,

Now we starts solving problems like they never existed,

Just because

We have observed the reality.

Food is the ultimate truth

Not the lack of food;

Not the lack of will;

Not the lack of effort;

Not even the lack of empathy;

It is the lack of access

What makes them hungry,

They don’t demand words;

They are not in persuit of wealth;

They are not demanding more;

They don’t need someone elses share;

They just need

What others are wasting;

What you are wasting;

What you do not value;

What world just throws away,

They are your neighbors if you recognize;

They are your brothers and sisters;

Above all they are human beings;

Nothing more or less

Just because they are part of us, is

What makes them important to us;

What makes their problems our problems,

Now what is our duty

What is our purpose;

What should be our purpose;

Must be guided

By their journey of suffering and pain;

By their struggle to survive;

By their perception for value of food;

By their desire to live;

By the only truth that they aspire for

And that truth must be food.


If I address women in this post then I am addressing them without any prejudices in my mind, without having notion that there is the question of superiority or inferiority, without even knowing that there is any difference ,I am just addressing them as women and this word makes complete sense in itself.

I have been trying to get the best possible explanation of one’s inability to act in some of the worst and complicated situations. I am not even ready to get the answer of this question as it has immense possibility to reveal all the happening around us. But still I want the answer not only of this question but all the questions that are stuck in my head and which keeps on popping out every time something bad happens. How bad can it be, can be imagined by putting ourselves in the place of that child who was being gang raped then only we can answer some questions.

She was just requesting to the world her future with full of stars and she wanted to live life in her own way or she was even in no need of thinking for future.

What compelled her to be in a situation where she think of a world with no hope to involve with? What made her desires, that she wanted to achieve,her own enemy?what is the reason she does not want to be part of her own body?

I can have answers but they are not as equiped as they can be if answered by that girl herself.

She travelled a journey with no companion of her wish but some strange people, who were in persuit of their desire. There was no wrong in persuing what they needed but the only difference was that the girl has no such desires. She was completely unaware of her journey as she was so little that she even thought of her journey as evil dream, which for her became new reality. She may be unaware of the act that her wet eyes are wondering to know. But it was her fault to be in the hands of some people who lost even the value of being human in this beautiful world.

It was her fault,

She tried to say them,

She tried to stop them,

She tried to awake them,

She tried hard and strong,

It was her fault.

She hoped for some saviour,

She hoped for a different human,

She hoped for even god,

It was her fault.

She accepted lost hope,

She accepted emptyness,

She accepted that darkness,

She accepted the weakness,

She even stopped resisting,

It was her fault.

She resisted strongly,

She hoped for human,

She thought of good souls,

It was her fault.

She stopped feeling her body,

She stopped being alive,

She escaped from that journey,

She escaped from that dream,

She is free now,

It was her fault

It was her fault.

It is time we stop this menace to repeat itself. It is time we stop thinking women as a commodity. It is time we the people of world start being human not for men but also for the women and child. It is time that people start feeling the women as the other half of their existence not merely another gender.

They are not commodity to be used, they are the companion to be experienced to live peacefully and happily. They are not body to be exploited but they are the beauty to be cherished. They are not the fish to be catched but they want to swim freely.

They don’t need our empathy or affection,they only need our unprejudiced eye to be trustworthy of a mutual peaceful existence.

Thank you

Can we make problems our friend?


What are problems?

Everyone is going through the river of life having lots of obstacles in the form of problems which makes life as people say “hard”.

So the problems are the barriers which are not willing to let us achieve what we want. May be they are just for their own cause of testing our ability and determination. Don’t you ever wonder, what if we don’t have to face problems? Life would become much easier than now.

In most of the cases people prefer to run away from the problems and ultimately they get trapped in bigger problems. From all the discussion it is clear that we have to face problems one way or another. There is no shortcut to reach at the success point, there may be ways of reaching fast at our target.

What is that fast way one should adopt so that journey of life become easier?

In my opinion that fast way is the way of making problems our friend so that we don’t need to be afraid of it and we get what we want from our life in simplest way. We must become more familiar with our problems and we should solve them as they are our friend.

Everybody has problems, Everybody has bad times. Do we sacrifice all good time because of them? No we must find happiness in our fight with problems.

We must find our happiness in this beautiful journey of life without running from the problems because life is not a problem to be solved, life is reality to be experienced. Problems are like washing machine ,they twist us, spin us and knock us around…but in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines

Robert H. Schuller

Excuses leads to the place called “Nowhere”


Let us start with an story of a great man who struggle against some unjust
constraints, the struggle to remove the obstacles to the freedom of
all the people of South Africa. Yes I am talking about Nelson Mandela.

For this freedom, Mandela spent twenty-eight years of his life in jail, often in solitary confinement. Imagine what it meant to give up one’s youth for an ideal, to voluntarily give up the pleasure of talking with one’s friends, of playing one’s favourite game (Mandela loved boxing), of wearing one’s favourite clothes, of listening to one’s favourite music, of enjoying the many festivals that are part of one’s life. Imagine giving all these up and choosing instead to be locked up alone in a room, not knowing when one would be released, only because one campaigned for the freedom of one’s people. For freedom Mandela paid a very high personal cost.

Now imagine what if Mandela would have not done all this? what if he would have decided to live his life with all pleasures of human life that one dream of?

He was just an normal person,any other man could also have done all that things done by Mandela very easily, but no one was interested in giving up all pleasures of life and no one was willing to devote his life for the lives of others.

What really happened is that other people had their own excuses for not giving up his own comfort for the happiness and freedom of others, and they did not wanted to be the part of the great change which was very necessary that time in the history of South Africa.

The people of South Africa might not be free now, if mandela did also make some excuses to be not involved in all that implication.Now refer this example to examine the current state of our mentality.

Yet nothing has changed if you are going in the track of destiny in the vehicle of life having excuses are still your fuel. All excuses offers us is that, we can live life with them but we can’t live an dignified life,and this Dignified life is nothing but an ‘Excuse free life.’

When do we make excuses?

What are the reasons which force us to make excuses?

You all know the answers of above questions but then again we have another excuse ready to stop us from making changes in our habits of making excuses.Sometimes I feel that we are not living in the world of destiny, inspite we are living in the world of excuses.We often use our achivements as an excuse for wasting our time and talent or even some people lost their whole life in this play of excuses.

We’ve all experienced disappointment. You don’t get the promotion you wanted, You fail a test, An important relationship crumbles.

When this happens, you have two choices for how to respond. You can ask yourself, “What could I have done differently?” Or, you can tell yourself, “It wasn’t my fault. There was nothing I could have done.”

If you choose the second option, the science says you’re doomed.

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”If making excuses allows you to externalize your failures, then taking responsibility does just the opposite. Taking responsibility leads to introspection. You study everything that went wrong and you ask yourself, “What could I have done differently” and “What can I do now to fix it?”


When you ask yourself those questions, you feel like you’re still in control of your destiny. When you’re in control of your destiny, you’re motivated to make it the best one possible. And when you’re motivated, you work better, smarter, and harder and finally you get what you want.