Hello everyone ,I am a student or you all can say a learner from the mysterious subcontinent of India, who is always ready to learn anything that comes in his way. So here I am starting a blog for sharing my thoughts which may be useful for someone, because I am not sure I have the caliber to convey the thoughts that will be  very important for someone but there is nothing wrong in trying.Hence I will try my best to learn something from community and contribute a little to it.

Now talking about my blog contents, I am not an expert in any specific field but I will write about some inspirational topics related to current lifestyle  and issues of national interest.

I will also try in some technical issues related to current era and some motivational topics.

But I need supporters for my  journey of learning ,well I hope I will get support from all of you and also get to know my mistakes from my juniors ,seniors and peers.

And finally I believe :

“Sometimes you win ,Sometimes you learn”


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