A story about thinking: Akbar and birbal

Everyone is shouting about the Corruption and honesty of the government officers and ministers but don’t you think we all are involved in bribing and other activities which ultimately leads us to corruption .

Everybody is blaiming others but no one is checking inside of their own heart. All the people of world are thinking that

“How one person can make the change??”

This is the question which is responsible for the problems like corruption .I am taking to you all towards a beautiful story which shows the true meaning of above question.

 All of you knows the great moughal king AKBAR and his advisor BIRBAL ,so this is the scenerio which is result of  birbal’s intelligence.

Once upon a time birbal asked a qustion to akbar that

“My lord how can you be sure that people of your kingdom are honest with you and honest with each other??”

King replied “question is valid birbal but how can we check this??”

Birbal said “We should conduct a test for asuring this, I have an idea what if we tell all the people in the kingdom to donate one jar of milk each into a tank ??”

Akbar said “Good idea birbal let’s perform this test “King did as birbal said ,he tell all the people to donate one jar of milk into a tank

All of them did as king order them.

Now it’s time to open the tank.

OMG what’s this????

Tank had only water ,”why there is only water in the tank ” king asked to birbal

Birbal replied “my lord each person think that if we donate water instead of milk in the tank then  it will mix with the milk poured by others then no one can notice ,and all the people think the same and no one donate milk ”

Hence the summery of the story is that

If you want to change something then you should start it with yourself first i.e. blaming and shouting will never be the solution of any problem.

We all have to take action to change anything and we can only do that if we start all the changes with ourself. I want to request all of you who are reading this post that never blame anyone for what they did instead of this try to spread  peace ,honesty  and  happiness into our society.


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