The 70th independence day of India that is at the same day 70 year ago our nation get independence from British.

But my question is that “on that day was it clear to the leaders that it is only the independence from outer authority”??

Yes they were aware of need to get independence from inner problems ,the social problems which leads the nation towards the destruction of equality and sovereignty of the people of country.

Try to see around you and feel the voices of the people which are affected by these inner enemies,you will understand the need of getting rid of these social problems.

It is not true that the makers of our constitution were not aware of the problems. They made their contribution by including the reliable solutions of the problems on constitution as per the intensity of the social problems at that time but they were expecting from the people of country to impliment the laws .

We all know that including any law in constitution will not solve any problem ,only people of country who are stuck in this corrupted web full of social problems can fix these problems and make the country better place for the future generations.

My only intention to write this post is that, I want to aware the people of India that “make a promise to yourself on this day of independence that we will help our constitution to find our inner independence and make sure that the sacrifices given by our leaders will not go wasted”.


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