Excuses leads to the place called “Nowhere”

quote-benjamin-franklin-he-that-is-good-for-making-excuses-89007Let us start with an story of a great man who struggle against some unjust
constraints, the struggle to remove the obstacles to the freedom of
all the people of South Africa. Yes I am talking about Nelson Mandela.

For this freedom, Mandela spent twenty-eight years of his life in jail, often in solitary confinement. Imagine what it meant to give up one’s youth for an ideal, to voluntarily give up the pleasure of talking with one’s friends, of playing one’s favourite game (Mandela loved boxing), of wearing one’s favourite clothes, of listening to one’s favourite music, of enjoying the many festivals that are part of one’s life. Imagine giving all these up and choosing instead to be locked up alone in a room, not knowing when one would be released, only because one campaigned for the freedom of one’s people. For freedom Mandela paid a very high personal cost.

Now imagine what if Mandela would have not done all this? what if  he would have decided to live his life with all pleasures of human life that one dream of?

He was just an normal person,any other man could also have done all that things done by Mandela very easily, but no one was interested in giving up all pleasures of life and no one was willing to devote his life for the lives of others.

What really happened is that other people had their own excuses for not giving up his own comfort for the happiness and freedom of others, and they did not wanted to be the part of the great change which was very necessary that time in the history of South Africa.

The people of South Africa might not be free now, if mandela did also make some excuses to be not involved in all that implication.Now refer this example to examine the current state of our mentality.

Yet nothing has changed if you are going in the track of destiny in the vehicle of life having excuses are still your fuel. All excuses offers us is that, we can live life with them but we can’t live an dignified life,and this Dignified life is nothing but an ‘Excuse free life.’

When do we make excuses?

What are the reasons which force us to make excuses?

You all know the answers of above questions but then again we have another excuse ready to stop us from making changes in our habits of making excuses.Sometimes I feel that we are not living in the world of destiny, inspite we are living in the world of excuses.We often use our achivements as an excuse for wasting our time and talent or even some people lost their whole life in this play of excuses.

We’ve all experienced disappointment. You don’t get the promotion you wanted, You fail a test, An important relationship crumbles.

When this happens, you have two choices for how to respond. You can ask yourself, “What could I have done differently?” Or, you can tell yourself, “It wasn’t my fault. There was nothing I could have done.”

If you choose the second option, the science says you’re doomed.

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”If making excuses allows you to externalize your failures, then taking responsibility does just the opposite. Taking responsibility leads to introspection. You study everything that went wrong and you ask yourself, “What could I have done differently” and “What can I do now to fix it?”excuses-763x1024When you ask yourself those questions, you feel like you’re still in control of your destiny. When you’re in control of your destiny, you’re motivated to make it the best one possible. And when you’re motivated, you work better, smarter, and harder and finally you get what you want.



Chances and Probability…

How much do I need things for myself? Does it matter? I think no but yes.It depends what you are seeking and why you want that? Why always things didn’t work out for only you, or it is only your thinking?

People always say “Grab every chance you get” What if chance is not for you? What if that chance is not comes in the path between you and your dream?

Everyone want answers of these questions but you will not get answers here, questions should be answered by  yourself.

It is fact that everyone get chances in his life but chances are not meant for only grabbing them and live life with them, can’t we just use them to grab another chance or our dream ?

You will have to be thankful to be at least considered for any chance.There are some people who finally make themselves able to live these chances but, is it enough? Or you just faking your abilities, may be it is right that compromising with the dream will be last option for someone or may be the best option.


Compromising should not be the option for anyone who are at least willing to go for their dreams, it doesn’t matter he is making progress in achieving his dreams or not. If he possess desire of achieving that goal of his life then compromising is not for him.

Dreams are dreams there is nothing exists like big dreams or small dreams.People thinks that they are following their dream but sometimes this thinking is just an excuse to hide the past failures. Even many successful people were not able to grab all chances they get.

Why we should listen to the people who are successful? We must take their positive characteristics but it is not necessary that we use their approach too. This is our life we need different approach but, our approach must be inspired by the approach of all successful personalities.

We all have the different definition for success,that means success and developement for one does not mean that it will be the success for other too.

Most of the people are wasting time and money in doing things which are not relevent at all whether it is work which is result of some excuses or may be the work influenced by their lack of sincerety or awareness.

By chance I mean an opportunity which everyone get in all phase of his life which is best for that individual at that phase, and this chance is nothing but your test and you can’t run from this test whether you are interested in this test or not.

So instead of running from this opportunity, you must use it to achieve your dream and If you get succeded it will increase your probability for winning in the final bettle of your life.

So take probability very seriously in your life and whenever you get chance try to learn something from it. And whenever you get “The chance” go and grab it.

Time doesn’t exist

It is not time that needs management it is your mind. Time is a neutral entity; it simply exists without any change. It is only your mind that gives meaning and value to time. When so many of you are worrying about managing your time, let us share a few secrets here.

Secret number one – Time is given equally to all.

Secret number two – You can do nothing to manage it.

Secret number three – Time doesn’t cheat.

Secret number four – Time is neither your friend nor your enemy.

In reality, time doesn’t exist, except for in the form of a clock to track your way through the day. Mind is the ultimate master of time. Mind has the ability to reduce, increase, lengthen, shorten and even eliminate time.

In fact if you know how to work with your mind, you can almost certainly work with time. Now, why is it important to understand time as a concept of your mind? Because time is the best possible excuse of the mind.

Time is the dumping ground of all the things the mind cannot accomplish. It is more easier for the mind to postpone, discard or stop doing something by just giving an excuse that it cannot accomplish the task in the time that is available.

If you observe yourself closely from moment to moment you will notice the difference between using time as a yardstick to measure your progress and using time as an excuse to postpone or stop doing something.

In fact if there is any limitation for your mind, it exists in the form of false beliefs that you hold within yourself about the amount of time it takes to accomplish something. We all know that in the scientific sense time is relative, it is also true in the social sense as well; time is different for each one of us depending on our mental abilities and beliefs.

If you have ever wondered why is it that some people can accomplish so much with so little time, while you struggle; it’s because of this relative quality of time. Time is different for each person.

Here are a few useful things that help you to stretch time and make it beneficial for you:

  1.  Let your mind decide what you can or cannot do; not the time.
  2.  Believe in the enormous ability of the mind to transcend the limitations of time.
  3.  Be aware of your actions each and every moment to know what you are doing with your time.
  4.  Stop listening to other people’s definition of time. If they could not accomplish something in the given time, it doesn’t mean that you cannot.
  5.  Belief is the fuel of the vehicle of time; the more you have it, the farther it will take you.