Chances and Probability…

How much do I need things for myself? Does it matter? I think no but yes.It depends what you are seeking and why you want that? Why always things didn’t work out for only you, or it is only your thinking?

People always say “Grab every chance you get” What if chance is not for you? What if that chance is not comes in the path between you and your dream?

Everyone want answers of these questions but you will not get answers here, questions should be answered by  yourself.

It is fact that everyone get chances in his life but chances are not meant for only grabbing them and live life with them, can’t we just use them to grab another chance or our dream ?

You will have to be thankful to be at least considered for any chance.There are some people who finally make themselves able to live these chances but, is it enough? Or you just faking your abilities, may be it is right that compromising with the dream will be last option for someone or may be the best option.


Compromising should not be the option for anyone who are at least willing to go for their dreams, it doesn’t matter he is making progress in achieving his dreams or not. If he possess desire of achieving that goal of his life then compromising is not for him.

Dreams are dreams there is nothing exists like big dreams or small dreams.People thinks that they are following their dream but sometimes this thinking is just an excuse to hide the past failures. Even many successful people were not able to grab all chances they get.

Why we should listen to the people who are successful? We must take their positive characteristics but it is not necessary that we use their approach too. This is our life we need different approach but, our approach must be inspired by the approach of all successful personalities.

We all have the different definition for success,that means success and developement for one does not mean that it will be the success for other too.

Most of the people are wasting time and money in doing things which are not relevent at all whether it is work which is result of some excuses or may be the work influenced by their lack of sincerety or awareness.

By chance I mean an opportunity which everyone get in all phase of his life which is best for that individual at that phase, and this chance is nothing but your test and you can’t run from this test whether you are interested in this test or not.

So instead of running from this opportunity, you must use it to achieve your dream and If you get succeded it will increase your probability for winning in the final bettle of your life.

So take probability very seriously in your life and whenever you get chance try to learn something from it. And whenever you get “The chance” go and grab it.


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